Coertse and Swan storm to victory in the Cape


Round 1, Friday 12 April

There was dust, gravel, Tar action, delays, several close encounters, and a roll of course. This is the 2024 Cape Swartland rally in a nutshell. The opening two rounds of the South African National Rally Championship kicked off the new season. Although the national field was on the small side (6 cars), the local regional rivals filled it beautifully. On Friday, 22 starters lined up at Malmesbury Hyundai for the official start of the event.

The top National NRC 1 entrants were Mandla Mdakane and Kes Naidoo in their Toyota Gazoo Starlets, followed by Jono Van Wyk and Nico Swartz. The Mazda 2 driven by Chris Coertse and seasoned Navigator Carolyn Swan rounded out the three NRC 1 Class cars.

Mazda 2 Driven by Chris Coertse

The open 1600cc two-wheel NRC 4 class had two entries.  Anton and Isabel Raaths of Pretoria pursued Port Elizabeth’s Neels Vosloo and Rikus Fourie in their Volkswagen Polo.

Oliver de Man and Ingrid Jeacocks also from the friendly city, made sure that the crowds were entertained in their Classic Toyota Carolla, completing the national field in NRC 5. 

The local Cape Town boys (and girls, of course) in their Monster S5 Class Cars dominated the regional championship. Teams Llewellyn Jones and Chris Pichon – Subaru Impreza, Shaheen Amlay and Yusuf Amlay – Subaru 2000 GT, Shaun Jones and Jason Thorp – Subaru Impreza, Owen Jones and Aden Bredenkamp – Subaru Impreza, Innes Du Plessis and Piet Carinus – BMW E36, Winston Neethling and Matthew Neethling – Nissan Sentra, Warren Scholtz and David Stigling in Subaru Impreza.

Local Rally champ Llwellyn Jones and Navigator Chris Pichon

Keenan Sassman and Weston Paiser competed in the S4 Class in a BMW 328i, while Gareth Vernon and Marius Rudolph drove a rival BMW 328i. The local S3 Class consisted of Benjamin Johnson and Christoff Lottering driving a Volkswagen Polo, Cobus Edas and Carl Peskin in a Toyota Corolla, Erin Joshua and Ibraheem Amlay in a Toyota Conquest, and Julian Calvert being driven by Nicholas Knights in a Volkswagen Golf.

In the S2 Class, Johannes and Petra Zulch drove a stunning all-time veteran Ford Escort, while Pete Isaacs and Mikyle Naidoo, son of Seasoned Regional Driver and National Navigator Kes Naidoo, drove a Toyota Corolla. Tyler and Terry Croy drove their Toyota Corolla as the final S2 participants.

The day began with five gravel stages on the surrounding areas of Malmesbury. Local Llewellyn Jones won the first stage of the day in 7:55.5. Chris Coertse would have none of it and won Stage 2, a repeat of SS 1, in 7:48.2. The competition was on.

Coertse was on a mission, winning his second stage of the day in the Mazda 2 with a timing of 5:47.0. Mandla Mdakane’s Toyota Starlet finished second in a time of 6:02.8. Llewellyn Jones finished third with a timing of 6:19.3. Rwaan Media reported that the second Toyota Gazoo Starlet finished first in Stage 4. Jono van Wyk crossed the flying finish line in 11:39.3, while Chris Coertse finished second in 11:44.4.

Due to a significant delay in the event’s start due to technological difficulties, the organizers opted to cancel stage 5 in order to align the event with the program and ensure that the Tar stages at Killarney began on time.

The crews continued on to Killarney Raceway near Cape Town for Stage 6, an all-tar section of the event. The locals kicked dust in the eyes of the visiting teams on their home track. Llewellyn Jones won, completing in 8:06,8. Owen Jones completed the stage in 9:04,4, while Keenen Sassman finished in 9:04,7.

Set up and Ready to go at Killarney Raceway

Stages 7 and 8 served as the day’s grand finale Super Special. Crews participated in both left and right hand lanes. Shaun Jones, Llewellyn Jones, and Innes Du Plessis finished in the top levels of Stage 7. Llewellyn Jones, Keenan Sassman, and Innes Du Plessis finished first, second, and third on stage 8.

After round one, the standings showed Chris Coertse and Carolyn Swan in first, Llewellyn Jones and Chris Pichon in second, and Mandla Mdakane, guided by Kes Naidoo, in third place.

Round 2, Saturday 13 April

The Cape Swartland Rally’s second round took place in the Valley of Riebeek Kasteel on day two. The teams devised some serious strategy and decisions; some were successful, while others, well, let’s just say the Rally gods had other intentions. This was obvious from the results of day two.

Chris Coertse and Carolyn Swan of Rally Technic were looking for another win in their Mazda 2. On Saturday, he consistently won all six stages. Llewellyn Jones and Chris Pichon ran out of luck when they had to quit in Stage 2 as a result of two punctures that wrecked their chances for victory..

The crew of Shaheen Amlay and Yusuf Amlay had a roll in stage 2, and let’s just say it wasn’t a “soft” one, as rallyists usually describe such action if it occurs on a rally. The stage was delayed, and a trip to the hospital was arranged just to be safe. Both crew members were fine, bruised and dented but still in one piece. We wish them a speedy recuperation.

Shaheen Amlay and Navigator Yusuf Amlay

Mandla Mdakane and Kes Naidoo, the number 16 Toyota Starlet, were likewise forced to retire due to a damaged control arm in the event’s last stage, earning them a DNF (did not finish).Truly heartbreaking, but like Rally states it’s not over until it’s finished.

Overall results for Day 2: first place Chris Coertse and Carolyn Swan (overall time 57:45.2), second place Owen Jones and Aden Bredenkamp (overall time 1:01:57.0), and third place Shaun Jones and Navigator Jason Thorp (overall time 1:02:32.9). 

Rally Winners Chris Coertse and Navigator Carolyn Swan


A fantastic event in the fairest Cape. We sincerely thank all of the landowners who made their roads available to CCMCC. Thank you to every competitor, service crew member, and official that helped make this event a huge success.

Join us for rounds 3 and 4 of the SA National Rally Championship in Secunda, Mpumalanga, on May 31st and June 1st. Visit our Calendar page on this website for all the Upcoming Event Dates

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