Celebration of the Life of Joe Fourie


Today, we gather to celebrate the life of Joel Daniel Fourie or better know to all of us as Joe Fourie, a man whose passion for motorsport and dedication to the racing community inspired countless individuals in South Africa and beyond.

Martie and Joe Fourie

As a respected Motorsport Clerk of the Course, Rally Driver and in South Africa and Volkswagen Rally Organizer, Joe played a vital role in shaping the country’s motorsport Rally and off Road landscape. His tireless efforts ensured the safety and success of numerous racing events, earning him the admiration and gratitude of drivers, teams, race officials and fans alike.

Joe’s love for motorsport was contagious, and his enthusiasm inspired many to pursue their own racing dreams. His legacy extends far beyond the gravel stages, as he touched the lives of everyone he met with his kindness, humor, and generosity.

Joe’s Renault 5 Rally Car

As an avid rally driver in the 1980s, Joe was a fierce competitor in the Northern Regions Championship as a proud member of the Sports Car Club of SA . Behind the wheel, he embodied the spirit of motorsport, pushing limits and living life to the fullest. His racing exploits inspired a generation of drivers and enthusiasts, and his passion for the sport remains contagious to this day.

Joe’s involvement in Rally and Cross-Country events was a significant part of his motorsport journey. He was instrumental in organizing and managing numerous events, including the iconic South African Rally Championship and the Toyota Desert Race. His expertise and dedication helped to grow the sport, and his passion inspired a new generation of racers and enthusiasts.

Joe Fourie in action

But perhaps Joe’s greatest legacy is the love and devotion he showed to his family. He was a deeply loved and loving husband, father, and grandfather, who always put the needs of his family first. His family was his rock, and he was theirs. He cherished every moment spent with them, and his love and support for them was unwavering. One of Joe’s biggest achievements was bestowing his love for motorsport into his son Rikus. Carrying over his knowledge and expertise for event organizing and management to his son. He was a proud man, and the world could see this.

Rikus and father Joe Foure

On behalf of the NRC Steering Committee and the entire rally community, we thank you, Joe, for your friendship, service and dedication to the sport we love. Your contributions will never be forgotten, and your legacy will continue to inspire us to push limits and live life to the fullest.
As we say goodbye to this remarkable individual, we remember his:

  • Unwavering dedication to motorsport
  • Unshakeable humanity, caring nature and helping hand to whom ever needed it
  • Unconditional support for his fellow racers and friends
  • Unforgettable smile and kindness to all who crossed his path
  • Tireless efforts in organizing thrilling Volkswagen rallies and cross-country events
  • His need for speed and competitive spirit
  • The pride and joy he felt watching his son Rikus excel in the SA Rally Championship
  • His love and support for his community in Port Elizabeth and his fellow Algoa Rally Club members
  • His devotion and love for his family, who were his greatest joy and inspiration
  • Last but not least, his love for aviation and Aero planes.

Joe may have left the starting line, but his memory will continue to fuel our passion for racing and inspire us to live life to the fullest.

Joe Fourie, the late Lizz Tereblanche and William Louw

Our deepest condolences go out to his loving wife, Martie; son, Rikus; daughter, Alett; and grandson, Kyle. May the memories of Joe’s love, laughter, and adventures bring you comfort and strength during this difficult time. May his legacy continue to inspire and motivate you, and may his spirit live on in your hearts forever.

Rest in peace, Joe Fourie. Your legacy will never be forgotten.

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