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“Motorsport is a team sport and I thank each and all of you for your commitment to our sport.”

The who’s who in the motorsport world congregated on Sunday 5 February to pay tribute to South Africa’s finest motorsport champions at the glittering annual Motorsport South Africa (MSA) 2022 Gala Awards evening held at the Thaba Eco Hotel.

As in previous years, this was an illustrious gathering of the best of the best in motorsport celebrating excellence on two wheels and four, on tarmac and gravel. MSA paid tribute to the veterans, and to the newcomers and icons that have consistently brought their fans all the thrills and spills of motorsport in 2022, from the track to the Dakar.

Anton Roux, Chairman of Motorsport South Africa (MSA),  opened the proceedings. Significantly since MSA’s most recent national awards function in December 2019, there have been 810 events with a total of 60 226 participants. “Motorsport in South Africa is showing an encouraging post-Covid recovery and the competitors sitting here tonight represent the pinnacle of these events,” he said. Roux also paid special tribute to the spouses, parents and guardians. “Motorsport is a team sport and I thank each and all of you for your commitment to our sport.”

Chris Coertse

The Champions of the 2023 National Rally Championship were shining bright. Chris Coertse and Greg Godrich, (Unfortunately not able to attend the event) were awarded the Official Rally Championship Accolade. 

The Rally Technic team had a very solid game plan from the “Get-Go” in the  2022 championship, by consistently  finishing as many events as possible. They had to make sure that they not just finish, but be competitive on each stage and avoid the Rally god’s wrath.  

The strategy paid off, consistent driving, a well prepared car and alot of focus on the plan, awarded them the top honors as Victor’s of the National Rally Championship.

Chris is a true Rallyist who Lives and Breaths Rally. He is the current Chairman of the NRC and owner of Rally Technic. If a national Rally Championship win is a result of  having a “Thorough Bred” build Rally car, then this must be the edge the Rally Technic team had in 2022. 

Chris, CONGRATULATIONS to you and your Co-Pilot, Greg. A well deserved Win!

“Despite all the challenges facing the country, 2022 was an exceptional year for local motorsport, and we thank every contributor, whether behind the wheel or handlebars, on the track or in the background, for keeping motorsport great.

There was so much to celebrate at our Gala Awards. We sincerely thank all of our competitors, their families, teams, sponsors, event organisers, promoters, race officials, volunteers and members of the media without which both motorsport, and the declaration of champions, would not be possible,” concludes Roux.

Motorsport requires more than just Fast cars, Bikes or Go- Karts and petrol fumes  to create the magic. The people who tirelessly work behind the scenes to organize events, draft regulations, Steer committee’s, have meetings and manage successful race meetings play a vital part in the smooth running of the “Big Machine”

Recognizing their efforts that span over many years, MSA awarded a group of hand-picked individuals this year and 3 originate from amongst other facets, Rallying. 

Wammy Haddad, who is synonymous in South African Motorsport through his involvement with GTC, Cross Country and Rallying of course, was one such recipient. 

Wammy who serves on various working groups and committee’s also officiates as Steward and Technical Delegate on most of the National Rally Championship aswell as in the Cross Country Series. Always the voice of reason when implementation or interpreting the regulations come into play!  

Wammy from all of us, especially those who work so close by your side, congratulations, but more than that, THANK YOU so very much for who you are and more so, for what you do. 

Wammy Haddad
Robert Marle

Robert, affectionately known as “Bob” has a proud 61-year history as an official of motorsport.

It is almost impossible to list the many achievements in his illustrious career. Some highlights including serving on the MSA Western Cape Regional Committee for seven years and serving on the Western Cape Rally Sub-Committee since MSA was on the Foreshore.

His continual assistance in the organisation of rallies has proven critical in allowing the Western Cape Rally Championship to not only survive, but flourish.

MSA acknowledges Bob’s dedicated endless hours of training and assistance to anyone competing, or to other officials.

A very Special “Thank-You” has to be said to Anna, Robert’s spouse of many years, who have allowed him to be actively involved. The many years of sacrificing family time to live for his passion, Motorsport. Rob, we salute and thank you sincerely.

The Youngest National Rally Clerk of Course, Club Chairman, National Rally Chairman between 2017-2021, Event Organizer and Rally Navigator, who other than “Rally”Rikus Fourie from Gqeberha. 

Rikus who has been involved in motorsport from a very young age is one of the most passionate Motorsport souls known to me. His mom Martie and Dad, Joel Fourie has definitely made sure that this apple will fall right underneath the tree. 

As if his local motorsport involvement doesn’t keep him busy enough, he also forms part of FIA Officials for the African Rally Championship as Chairman of Stewards.  

Rikus, you are a true “Petrol Head” in all senses of the word, an inspiration and to me personally, a true friend. Congratulations Dude. You deserve this accolade and recognition in every shape and form. 

"Rally" Rikus Fourie

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